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Snapchat's 'World Lens' Augments Reality

Snapchat's 'World Lens' Augments Reality
Snapchat has introduced a new feature which adds fanciful details to real world scenes.

(CCM) — Snapchat has taken the plunge into the realm of augmented reality with the launch of "World Lenses," a feature that allows users to overlay graphics onto real world objects when viewed through an iOS or Android phone's rear camera. For example, one of the "World Lens" filters superimposes clouds with smiling faces onto the sky. When the phone's camera is pointed skywards, rainbows shoot out of the clouds' mouths. Other "World Lens" filters add falling snowflakes or floating hearts to a scene. The new feature goes beyond the static capabilities of Snapchat's "Selfie Lenses," which enable users to overlay faces on self-portraits with various special effects or even swap faces with friends.

The move is significant because Snapchat has announced and will shortly release Spectacles, a low cost pair of sunglasses equipped with an integral video camera. Spectacles can be paired with the Snapchat app by Bluetooth, and videos recorded on the device can be shared on Snapchat. It is likely that the company will use the "World Lens" feature to encourage users to buy Spectacles and share as much augmented reality-enhanced video footage as possible on Snapchat.

Image: © ThomasDeco - Shutterstock.com
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