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Beefed-Up OnePlus 3 Phone Coming Soon

Beefed-Up OnePlus 3 Phone Coming Soon
A Qualcomm tweet suggests an upgraded OnePlus 3 handset with a Snapdragon 821 processor is imminent.

(CCM) — OnePlus is working on a new version of its popular OnePlus 3 smartphone that will include a faster, more powerful processor at its heart, according to a Tech Times report. Believed to be called the OnePlus 3T, the new device was hinted at in a tweet from processor-maker Qualcomm, which said: "Something new from @OnePlus is on the way…and it’s powered by our #Snapdragon 821 processor. Stay tuned."

The OnePlus 3T is expected to look very similar to the OnePlus 3, with buttons and camera sensors in the same positions, allowing the new phone to be used with existing cases. It may come with a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED screen or an LCD screen and will be equipped with the same 6 GB of RAM as the OnePlus 3. Tech Times reports that it may also be water resistant and have a 3,000 mAH battery, a fingerprint sensor, and a USB-C connector. The OnePlus 3T may be launched as early as Nov. 14 and could be designed to bridge the gap until the OnePlus 4 is released in mid-2017. The OnePlus3 is currently priced at $399, but rumors suggest the OnePlus 3T will cost $479 when it is launched.

Image: © OnePlus.
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