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Instagram App Gets Feature Injection

 Instagram App Gets Feature Injection
Instagram has released a major update to 'Stories' that introduces three powerful new features.

(CCM) — Instagram is turning up the heat on Snapchat and its other competitors with a major update to "Stories" that introduces three new features. The first is the ability to add mentions to stories, with these mentions deeply integrated into Instagram. When a user adds text to a story, typing "@" followed by a username causes the username to appear underlined in the story. Tapping the mention results in a pop-up that leads to that user's Instagram profile. Users receive a notification when they are mentioned in a story and can tap to go straight to that story for as long as it is live.

The second new feature allows users to create one-second looping Boomerang videos from within Instagram. Users can select Boomerang mode from the "Stories" camera screen, and tapping the record button creates the Boomerang from a burst of photos. Instagram is also testing out the capability to embed "See More" links at the bottom of a story. This is currently only available for verified accounts, and it allows users to follow links to related content from within the Instagram app. The update to "Stories" is available now in Instagram 9.7 for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Image: © tanuha2001 - Shutterstock.com
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