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Google Play Music Knows What to Play You

Google Play Music Knows What to Play You
Google Play Music's algorithm is now intelligent enough to guess to what you'd like to listen next.

(CCM) — On Monday, Google announced the rolling out of a new feature to Play Music that will enable the service to predict which song you want to hear next. Google has revamped Play Music's playlist-creating capabilities so much that users can now launch the app and simply tap to start listening to a playlist designed specifically for them based on the time, their locations, and a variety of other factors. Since the feature depends on machine learning technology, users may not be able to reap its benefits right away: instead, over time, Play Music learns and adapts to user preferences in order to make predictions. According to Business Insider UK, Elias Roman, head of Google Play Music, claims that playlist commendations "get more accurate after just a few days."

This boost to Google Play Music is reflective of the company's increased interest in machine learning and artificially intelligent technology, which has also recently cropped up in its Google Photos and Google Assistant services. Users can expect to see the update this week on Google Play Music for iPhone, Android, and the web.

Image: © d8nn - Shutterstock.com
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