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Twitter Wages War On Abusive Tweets

Paul Rubens - November 15, 2016 - 09:38 AM
Twitter Wages War On Abusive Tweets
Twitter has added new muscle to its 'mute' feature and launched new initiatives to fight online abuse.

(CCM) — Twitter has announced a raft of new measures to tackle the problem of abusive and hateful messages on its social network. The company has been forced to act because the problem threatens Twitter's very existence: if abuse and hate are left unchecked, then large numbers of people could stop using the service. Twitter has long offered a "mute" feature, which lets users hide accounts that they do not want to see tweets from. Now, this has been expanded, enabling users to mute keywords, phrases, and even entire conversations that they do not want to see notifications about. This will enable users to hide conversations to which they have been added or in which they are mentioned. This new functionality will be rolled out to all Twitter users in the coming days.

Twitter has also beefed up the way that users can report prohibited conduct (such as making racist or sexist comments). This will improve the company's ability to process these reports, Twitter promises. At the same time, the company's support teams have received extra training — and now have access to better internal tools and systems — to help them deal with reports of abuse. But the company admits that these new measures will not solve the problem of abuse on Twitter completely. "No single action by us would do that. Instead, we commit to rapidly improving Twitter based on everything we observe and learn," the company said.

Image: © Castleski - Shutterstock.com
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