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Facebook Callout Leads to Metrics Swap

Olivia Long - November 16, 2016 - 06:07 PM
Facebook Callout Leads to Metrics Swap
Facebook will change the way its video views are calculated following a Wall Street Journal callout.

(CCM) — In September, the Wall Street Journal brought the public up to speed on the fact that Facebook had been secretly fluffing its video view counts and click counts for years. Facebook admitted that it had exaggerated its "average viewing time" metric by possibly as much as 80% for more than two years. And Facebook is copping to the misstep, reports Business Insider UK, with a statement confirming that, upon reviewing more than 220 of its metrics, it "did find a handful of bugs." The issue has reportedly since been fixed with measures like the ones that Facebook's ads head, Carolyn Everson, announced that the company would enforce moving forward.

The updates include the launch of a Measurement Council, increased third-party verification measures, and the introduction of a "Metrics FYI" blog series that will establish transparency with Facebook's users and partners about other places where the company has discovered errors and bugs. "We know that having access to reliable metrics is important to the millions of partners who use our services to grow their businesses. As our products evolve to meet the needs of the people and businesses that use them, our metrics will also evolve," Facebook assured in a blog post on the matter.

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