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Apple Offers Free iPhone Battery Swap

Apple Offers Free iPhone Battery Swap
Apple has launched a battery replacement program for iPhone 6S devices that shut down unexpectedly.

(CCM) — Apple has thrown a lifeline to iPhone 6S owners who have been plagued by a mystery problem that causes their devices to shut down unexpectedly by announcing a free battery replacement program. Phones that are affected by the problem switch themselves off even when the battery has plenty of charge. According to Apple, the problem only affects devices "within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October 2015." Owners can go to an Apple store or service provider to have the battery replaced, but the company warns that, if the device has a cracked screen, then this might have to be repaired at the owner's expense before the battery replacement can be carried out. iPhone 6S owners who have already paid to have a battery replacement can contact Apple for a refund.

Last week, Apple launched a repair program for older iPhone 6 Plus devices affected by what has become known as the iPhone "touch disease." This causes the display to flicker and lose touch sensitivity. Apple claims that the problem is caused – in part, at least – by dropping the device repeatedly on a hard surface and is charging $149 for the fix. In September, a man went on a rampage in an Apple Store in Dijon, France, after staff refused to fix his affected phone under warranty.

Image: © Denys Prykhodov - Shutterstock.com
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