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Netflix Unleashes 4K Streams on PCs

Netflix Unleashes 4K Streams on PCs
High-end computer users can now stream 4K content from Netflix using Microsoft's Edge browser.

(CCM) — PC users can now stream high quality 4K video content from Netflix to watch on their computer screens, according to a Tech Times report. However, 4K streaming is only possible on high-end computers that are powered by Intel Kaby Lake processors and that are equipped with a 4K display. Owners of Apple computers are excluded from the arrangement — for the time being at least — because 4K streaming will only be possible on computers running Windows 10 and Microsoft's new Edge browser. Machines that don't meet these requirements are restricted to streaming content at 1080p using an Edge browser or 720p using other browsers, according to the report.

The reason that 4K streaming is only available on computers with Kaby Lake processors is that the seventh-generation Intel processor includes 10-bit HEVC decoding capabilities that are required to display 4K streams. Netflix's content also includes Microsoft's PlayReady 3 copy prevention technology, which includes encryption and digital rights management (DRM). PlayReady 3 is only supported on Windows 10 and the Edge browser. 4K streaming is already available for owners of 4K TV sets, either via a built-in Netflix app or using a device such as Google's Chromecast Ultra or Amazon's Fire TV.

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