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Pumped Up Teslas Get Rollout Date

Olivia Long - November 28, 2016 - 04:54 AM
Pumped Up Teslas Get Rollout Date
Elon Musk has revealed that the slew updated Tesla features would be rolling out by December.

(CCM) — Buyers of Tesla's Model X and Model S cars will be happy to know that the cars' pumped up autopilot features are expected to roll out around mid-December. In a tweet, the company's CEO confirmed to a curious customer that the much-anticipated features would start appearing in the vehicles in "about three weeks," specifying that they would crop up gradually in monthly releases. Tesla's current autopilot system, which has proven to be limited in crucial ways, will be upgraded to include 8 cameras and 12 supersonic sensors. This will allow the vehicles to achieve what the company calls "Enhanced Autopilot" — or a highly technical system that, ideally, allows the vehicles to be more proficient than a human when performing lane changes, highway exits, parking, and other driving activities.

Previously, the company said that it would restrict these hardware updates to a "shadow mode" pending changes to the law that would permit the feature to drive completely autonomous of its driver. Tesla's Autopilot was most recently put into question following a fatal crash in one of the company's vehicles in May.

Image: © Tinxi - Shutterstock.com
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