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AT&T to Launch TV Streaming Service

AT&T to Launch TV Streaming Service
DirecTV Now will offer more than 100 channels streamed over home broadband or mobile wireless connections.

(CCM) — AT&T will launch a new TV streaming service tomorrow based on the DirecTV satellite service that it bought two years ago, USA Today is reporting. DirecTV Now will be delivered over home broadband or mobile wireless services to computer web browsers, smartphone and tablet apps, Vizio SmartCast displays, and connected TV devices, including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, according to the report. AT&T Wireless customers will be able to use the service without it counting toward their data limits.

The new service is likely to accelerate the trend towards "cord-cutting," where consumers eschew long-term cable television contracts in favor of shows bought on an "à la carte" basis. Although DirecTV Now will offer program bundles, these will be available to subscribe to on a monthly basis without the need for a set-top box or TV. The service is launching with an introductory offer of a 100-plus channel package for $35 per month. Users who pay for three months in advance will also be offered a free Apple TV device. Standard pricing will be $35 for a 60-plus channel package, $50 for an 80-plus channel package, and $60 for a 100-plus channel package. DVR functionality will be added to the service next year, USA Today says.

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