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Facebook Messenger Unveils Games

Facebook Messenger Unveils Games
Facebook Messenger users can now play games with their friends without ever leaving the app.

(CCM) — Facebook Messenger has finally rolled out the ability to play games in the app following an announcement of the plan earlier this month. For now, users who want to go head to head against their friends are restricted to the app's mobile version, since neither the app's web version nor the messenger on Facebook's website seem to have integrated the feature. But they do have the option to play against just one friend in a one-on-one chat or many in a group chat. And users' game options are so far quite varied, with titles like Words With Friends Frenzy, Brick Pop, ZooKeeper, Puzzle Bobble Blitz, Wordalot Express, Track&Field 100M, Pac Man, and Space Invaders included among the bunch.

The addition of games to Messenger is not Facebook's first go-round in the gaming industry. Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of its PC gaming platform, called Gameroom, which was designed to rival platforms like Valve's Steam. While Messenger games only appear to be available for mobile, Gameroom's titles are only compatible with PC.

Image: © Yeamake - Shutterstock.com
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