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Sony Debuts PlayStation Communities App

Sony Debuts PlayStation Communities App
PlayStation 4 users can now recruit players to their teams and launch into games from their mobile devices.

(CCM) — Sony's latest tactic as it battles Microsoft for supremacy in the console wars is to launch a mobile app that lets gamers feed their passion and stay in touch with fellow PS4 users while they are away from their consoles. The PlayStation Communities app, available for iOS and Android, helps users find players who have similar interests and preferences. "Within a community, you can join parties and launch into games with other community members, or talk about your shared interests," John Koller, a Sony vice president, explained in a blog post. Users can also use the app to discover and join new communities: recommendations are generated by the app based on the games a user has played in the past and communities that are trending at any given time. The app enables users to post text and images to communities and to configure push notifications on their mobile devices when new posts or replies are submitted.

The PlayStation Communities app is the latest on a series of apps that Sony has released for its games platforms. Existing mobile apps include a main PlayStation app and a PlayStation Messages app that allows users to send messages to friends on the PlayStation Network.

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