Twitter App Gets Ranked Conversations

Twitter App Gets Ranked Conversations
Twitter hopes to make conversations more interesting by ranking replies to show the 'best' replies first.

(CCM) — Twitter now shows replies to conversations in an order that is not chronological in its mobile app in an effort to present the most interesting or relevant content first. Using "conversation ranking," replies are grouped by sub-conversations with the highest ranking sub-conversations shown first. Ranking is based on factors such as whether the original Tweet author has replied or if a reply is from someone that the user is following. Ranked conversations were introduced to Twitter's web platform over a year ago, but it is only now that the app for the Android and iOS platforms have caught up.

The company has also added a Direct Reply count to Twitter so that users can see how many people are participating in a conversation. Just as numbers displayed next to the "like" and "retweet" icons indicate the number of likes or retweets a tweet has received, the "reply" icon may now also have a number displayed next to it. This indicates the number of direct replies to the original tweet, not the total number of replies in the entire conversation. The changes are the latest in a number of innovations introduced to Twitter recently including relaxing the limit on the number of characters in a tweet.

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