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Facebook to Shed Fake News with AI Help

Facebook to Shed Fake News with AI Help
Facebook is looking to artificial intelligence to help it solve its rampant fake news problem.

(CCM) — Facebook has recently come under fire in a major way for its fake news problem, which some even say helped to spread bogus news that influenced the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In response, Facebook has ramped up its efforts to stamp out the pest and is now turning to artificial intelligence as a potential savior. The technology would primarily be used as a filtering tool. However, Facebook decision-makers, like Yann LeCun, Facebook’s director of artificial intelligence research, are unsure of how to apply AI responsibly. "What’s the trade-off between filtering and censorship? Freedom of experience and decency," LeCun is quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying during a recent round table at Facebook's headquarters. "This isn't magic. This isn't Terminator either. This is real technology that could be useful."

Facebook already uses AI to weed out articles that its algorithm finds guilty of clickbait, and the company is hopeful that the technology could be equally as effective in detecting fraudulent articles even before users flag them. It also hopes to be able to tackle terrorist propaganda with a similar algorithm. Currently, even more than technical impossibilities, Facebook is concerned with the ethics of an AI equipped to remove news content as it sees fit.

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