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Spectacles Get Prescription Lenses

Paul Rubens - December 2, 2016 - 08:09 AM
Spectacles Get Prescription Lenses
Snapchat Spectacles users with imperfect eyesight can now get corrective lenses for their video-recording glasses.

(CCM) — Rochester Optical, a New York-based company, has announced that it is making prescription lenses for Snapchat Spectacles. The glasses have been a surprise hit this fall, with "Snapbot" vending machines selling out within minutes of them appearing in unlikely locations. Until now, Spectacles, which feature built-in cameras to record circular videos that upload to Snapchat via a mobile device, could only be used by people with good eyesight. The standard lenses feature rounded cutouts to accommodate the camera lenses, making it difficult for optical laboratories to manufacture prescription replacements, according to Patrick Ho, Rochester Optical's chief executive. "We’ve been working with heads-up displays for a long time, and Spectacles are just a form of smart glasses without the heads-up-display," he said."We already cut similar notches in lenses for Google Glass to accommodate the HUD, so cutting rounded notches in the lens corners to work around the Spectacle cameras is very similar."

The company already offers prescription lenses for augmented and virtual reality devices, including Microsoft's HoloLens, Google Glass, Epson Moverio, and Intel Recon Jet. Pricing for lens insertions for spectacles varies based on prescription strength, lens type, and options such as photochromic lenses, but standard single vision lenses start at $99.

Image: © Snap.
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