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Fake Apple Chargers Can Kill

Paul Rubens - December 2, 2016 - 08:13 AM
Fake Apple Chargers Can Kill
99% of fake Apple chargers bought online are potentially lethal, an independent safety company has found.

(CCM) — 99% of fake Apple chargers are potentially lethal because they have insufficient insulation to prevent fatal electric shocks, according to a BBC report. UL, a global independent safety company, bought 400 chargers online from eight different countries, including the U.S., Australia, and China, and found that only three had sufficient insulation to keep users safe when a high voltage was applied. Apple has previously complained about fake chargers being sold on Amazon, and in October it announced legal action against a company that it said was putting customers at risk by selling fake Apple chargers. There is no suggestion that the company involved in the Apple legal case sold any of the chargers tested by UL, the BBC adds.

The report suggests three ways to spot a counterfeit charger: checking that the device plugs in to an electricity socket easily to confirm that the plug pins are the correct specification; looking for mistakes in the brand name or logo and the presence of safety marks (although these can be forged); and verifying that the device comes with instructions, including conditions and limitations of use, operating instructions, and guidance on safe disposal. It also recommends avoiding covering devices when charging and discarding any charger that has a cracked case or frayed cable.

Image: © Vividrange - Shutterstock.com
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