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Amazon Alexa Gets Hundreds of New Skills

Olivia Long - December 2, 2016 - 04:35 PM
Amazon Alexa Gets Hundreds of New Skills
Amazon plans to roll out hundreds of new skills to its Alexa assistant over the coming weeks.

(CCM) — Since its debut, Amazon's Alexa assistant has gotten exponentially more conversational — and Amazon is about to up the ante even more with a rollout of hundreds of new skills. According to reports, the Alexa Skills Marketplace will be getting a boost to its portfolio of 5,000 skills in the next few weeks. That means that the Alexa assistant, which could originally only manage 15 commands and a handful of other information types, will not only become more adept at understanding user requests, but also tremendously engaging. This update will also make it easier for developers to create new Alexa tools. It will initially only be available for Alexa users in the U.S.

This initiative backs up Amazon's ongoing attempt to make its Alexa assistant more human and more able to carry on natural conversation with its users. In September, Amazon also offered up $2.5 million to the college student who proved to equip Alexa with the best conversational skills for its Alexa Prize competition.

Image: © Amazon.
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