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Microsoft Targets Echo with Home Hub

Microsoft Targets Echo with Home Hub
Microsoft has Amazon's Echo in its sights with Home Hub, an intelligent assistant offering based on Cortana.

(CCM) — Microsoft is preparing to enter the intelligent assistant market with an offering that will compete with Amazon's Echo and Google's Home devices, according to a report in Tech Times. Microsoft's product, currently called Home Hub, will differ from the Echo and the Home in that it will not be sold as a standalone hardware device. Instead Microsoft will develop it as a software product which will run in the millions of Windows 10 PCs already in potential users' homes. Since many Windows 10 are expected to have touch screens in the future, Home Hub will also support touch-based interactions as well as voice-based ones. The company may also include Home Hub in its Project Scorpio video console, which is expected to be released next year.

Home Hub will be powered by an upgraded version of Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant, according to Tech Times. The product will be aimed at families and offer features such as a communal calendar that all family members can share. Few other details are available, and Home Hub is not expected to be released until the end of 2017 at the earliest. Apple is also reportedly working on an Echo-like device, built around its Siri voice assistant technology.

Image: © JuliusKielaitis - Shutterstock.com
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