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Google Assistant to Understand Hindi

Google Assistant to Understand Hindi
Google Allo's Assistant will soon be able to reply to questions and chats in Hindi.

(CCM) — Google will soon roll out Hindi language capabilities to its Allo Assistant. Users will be able to both type and get responses in Hindi, northern and central India's most prevalent language. The feature can be activated using one of many methods: users can chat one-on-one with the Assistant or type "@google" to bring it into a group chat; they can command the Assistant to "talk to me in Hindi;" or they can simply change their device's default language to Hindi. This update will be rolled out to all Android and iOS devices over next few days.

Google Allo is not just any regular instant messaging app. It helps users access a variety of features, such as the latest news, stock market updates, all with the help of Google's handy Assistant. The app is powered by Machine Learning and is advanced enough to understand text and suggests GIFs and images in user replies. For example, with the latest Hindi update, a user can respond to a friend's asking "Kya haal hai" ("What’s up,") with "Sab theek Hai" ("Everything is all right") in just one tap. Google Allo was launched in September of this year.

Image: © dennizn - Shutterstock.com
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