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Gear S2 Gets S3 Feature Injection

Gear S2 Gets S3 Feature Injection
A software update brings features found in Samsung's new Gear S3 smartwatch to the older S2 device.

(CCM) — Samsung has given its Gear S2 smartwatches a new lease on life with a software update that brings features found on the new Gear S3 to its predecessor. The second Gear S2 Value Pack Update allows Gear S2 owners to download the Gear S3's pre-installed watch faces, the new Reminders app, and the altimeter app (which can assist in tracking outdoor activities and measuring air pressure). The update also enhances the function of the Gear S2's bezel, allowing users to answer a call or acknowledge an alert with a clockwise turn, while a counterclockwise turn will reject a call or postpone an alarm.

The Gear S2's Messages app has been upgraded to include a "Handwriting Mode," which allows users to write onto the device's screen in English, Chinese, or Korean without having to wait for each individual letter to be converted into text, while the app's emoji catalog has been expanded to include 180 different emojis. The smartwatch's voice functionality has also been beefed up so that it starts to process speech as soon as the function is activated. Other new features include support for third-party widgets for apps including Uber, Yelp, and USA Today and an "Auto Pause" feature that suspends fitness tracking functions if the user has to stop during a workout for any reason.

Image: © TK Kurikawa - Shutterstock.com
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