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'Trusted Contacts' Keeps Loved Ones Near

'Trusted Contacts' Keeps Loved Ones Near
The new mobile app from Google lets users share crucial real-time safety information with loved ones.

(CCM) — On Monday, Google announced the rollout of its newest mobile app, Trusted Contacts. With the application, smartphone users can broadcast their real-time locations and send out alerts to a group of pre-selected "trusted contacts." These contacts can also use the app to request a user's location, assuaging the anxiety of nervous parents and loved ones the world over. And the app is even effective in the event that a user's phone dies or breaks, allowing "trusted contacts" to access the user's most recent location before his or her phone shut off. Trusted Contacts is available for Android in the Google Play Store today; it is expected to become available for iOS devices in the near future.

Google's Trusted Contacts app is only one of many initiatives by the tech giant to become an essential part of its users lives. Earlier this month, the company announced PhotoScan, an app that makes the process of digitizing images easier than ever. And just before that, Google unveiled a new feature for its Play Music service that can predict which song a user wants to listen to next.

Image: © Google.
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