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Instagram Revamps Privacy for Positivity

Instagram Revamps Privacy for Positivity
Instagram will roll out a slew of new features aimed at making users' experiences safer and more pleasant.

(CCM) — In August, Instagram announced that it had begun efforts to step up its privacy protocol to combat harassment on the platform. And now, the company has taken that initiative even further. On Tuesday, Instagram's co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, revealed in a blog post that Instagram would begin rolling out a bunch of new features to its mobile app. Not only will the ability to turn off comments on any post be expanded to all of the app's users, but so will the possibility to easily remove followers from a private account and anonymously report posts that indicate another user may harm themselves. (Previously, the option to disable post comments was only available to certain accounts and removing a follower was only possible by blocking the offending account.)

These new features have been added as part of Instagram's ongoing efforts to "to maintain Instagram as a welcoming and safe place for everyone." All users can expect to see the changes reflected in their apps in "the coming weeks," according to the social network's blog post.

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