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Samsung to Abandon Headphone Jack in S8

Samsung to Abandon Headphone Jack in S8
Samsung's Galaxy S8 will not sport a headphone jack, according to the latest leaked specifications.

(CCM) — Samsung will follow Apple's lead by dropping the headphone jack from the Galaxy S8 smartphone due to be released next year, according to a report in Tech Times. The new Samsung phone will also do away with the physical home button, replacing it with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the Galaxy S8's RGB Super AMOLED Quad HD display. Apple abandoned the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus when they were released in the fall. The report says Galaxy S8 users will have to use wireless headphones or earbuds with the device. The phone will also ship with a USB Type-C port, which allows for faster charging and greater data transfer speeds. The Type-C port was first introduced in the Galaxy Note7, which has now been abandoned after a number of the devices caught fire and exploded.

Samsung and Apple have a long history of copying each other's innovations, so the news that Samsung is going to drop the headphone jack on its devices is not particularly surprising. The rationale for doing so is to free up space within the device to add new components or simply to allow room for a larger battery.

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