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Tweet Emoji to Get Local Search Results

रत्नेंद्र अशोक - December 7, 2016 - 02:19 PM
Tweet Emoji to Get Local Search Results
Google has introduced a new feature that allows Twitter users to search for local results without leaving the app.

(CCM) — Internet giant Google has rolled out a nifty new feature that allows Twitter users to find local content without leaving the platform. The users simply need to tweet a set of emoji to the @Google Twitter handle and, using Twitter’s new built-in emoji decoding feature, the app will show local search results. Result topics range from local activities to food. So, for example, if a user tweets the ice cream emoji at Google because they are looking to have a sweet treat, the search results will list all of the nearby ice cream parlors along with their contact details and a map.

The internet giant has introduced various features in last few months to promote local content and places. "Google is using [the] #KnowNearby hashtag to imply that the search results are location based," one report said. The company also launched an ATM finder last month to help users to easily access cash, which came especially in handy during the recent cash crisis in India.

Image: © GongTo - Shutterstock.com
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