Ticket Bot Ban Edges Closer

Ticket Bot Ban Edges Closer
Bot software that enables brokers to snap up show tickets for resale at higher prices may soon be banned.

(CCM) — Congress is hoping that legislation given to President Obama will result in a crackdown on bot software that grabs huge numbers of tickets for popular events as soon as they go on sale online, according to BBC report. These bots can buy tickets far more quickly than humans and often result in concert and theatre tickets selling out within minutes. Fans who actually want to see these shows then have no option but to buy tickets at inflated prices from legal resale sites or from scalpers supplied by ticket brokers who use these bots. If approved by the president, the legislation will make the use of ticket bot software an "unfair and deceptive practice," enabling the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ban ticket bots. This should make it easier for music fans and theater-goers to buy tickets at face value.

The state of New York already made ticket bots illegal earlier this year. "Brokers armed with illegal, high-speed ticket-buying bots have kept too many New Yorkers from attending the shows, sporting events, and cultural experiences that make New York so special," said General Eric T. Schneiderman, New York's Attorney General. According to his office, tickets bought by ticket bots are resold to the people who actually use them with an average markup of 49%.

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