Uber Reveals What Will Get Riders Banned

Uber Reveals What Will Get Riders Banned
Uber has updated its Community Guidelines to specify behaviors that can get users banned from their taxis.

(CCM) — On Thursday, ride-hailing app Uber announced that it had upgraded its Community Guidelines with a section on expected rider and driver behaviors. While most taxi services generally abide by a similar set of basic rules, Uber had never before made its requirements explicit. However, in a blog post titled "The Golden Rule," Uber specified that riders who participate in "rude, abusive, or violent" behavior will be banned from using the service in the future. The list of unaccepted actions include littering in a driver's vehicle, vomiting in the back seat after a night out, or requesting that the driver ignore the speed limit to get them somewhere on time.

While this new policy may scale back Uber's user base in the long run, the company has recently made several changes to make its app a more pleasant place for the users who do respect its Community Guidelines. In November, it rolled out "Dial an Uber," which allows users to book a cab using their web browsers without needing to download the company's mobile application. In June, it introduced the ability for its users to schedule rides in advance.

Image: © George Dolgikh - Shutterstock.com