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Samsung to Brick Remaining Galaxy Note7s

Samsung to Brick Remaining Galaxy Note7s
A final firmware update for the hazardous Note7 will render it useless but harmless, the company has announced.

(CCM) — Samsung will cripple remaining Galaxy Note7 devices in the U.S on Dec. 19 by issuing a firmware update that prevents them from charging, the Korean company has announced. This will "eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices," and once the battery runs out of charge, they will no long pose a safety risk. The firmware update is aimed at the estimated 7% of Galaxy Note7 users who have not returned their devices through Samsung's recall program. In total, there are thought to be about 133,000 unsafe units that have yet to be returned. The company had previously issued an update that only allowed the devices to be charged to 60% capacity to encourage users to participate in the recall program.

But Verizon has announced that it will not be releasing the software update to its customers, saying that doing so would pose a safety risk for owners who do not have an alternative device to use. "We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders, or medical professionals in an emergency situation," the company said in a statement. Samsung Canada plans to cut off all remaining Note7s from mobile networks in the country on Dec. 15 for the safety of any users still in possession of the device.

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