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Instagram Video Streaming Goes Live

Instagram Video Streaming Goes Live
The Facebook-owned company is moving away from its photo-sharing roots towards more video content.

(CCM) — Instagram has finally opened up its "Live Video" feature to all users in the U.S., Tech Times is reporting. Previously the live streaming feature was only available for Instagram "influencers" to test after an initial announcement on Nov. 21. Kevin Systrom, Instagram's chief executive, explained in an interview recently the reasoning behind the app's move away from photo sharing and toward live content. "It's all about knowing what's happening in the world around right now and being able to come to Instagram as a media destination, as the place to know what's happening, the visual place of the world," Systrom said. "We have this moment in time when Instagram is becoming more and more video dominant, video heavy and I think that's just the sign of the times," he added. Instagram users can access the "Live Video" feature in the U.S. from the Instagram Stories panel. Starting today, users can choose "Live" as well as "Normal" and "Boomerang" modes.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012, and since then, it has broadened the range of features and services it offers. About 80% of Instagram's estimated 500 million users are outside the U.S., and the "Live Video" feature is expected to roll out worldwide in the coming weeks.

Image: © tanuha2001 - Shutterstock.com
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