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Windows Update Causes Internet Chaos

Windows Update Causes Internet Chaos
A recent Windows 10 update has left some users offline and unable to reconnect to the internet.

(CCM) — Some Windows 10 users have been left with a severed internet connection and unable to get back online following an update to the Microsoft operating system, according to a BBC report. The cause of the problem is believed to be an issue that results in affected PCs being unable to get an internet protocol (IP) address from the broadband routers that they are supposed to connect to. This results in them being unable to establish a connection to the internet. "Some customers using Windows 10 have reported difficulties connecting to the internet," a spokeswoman for Microsoft admitted to the BBC. "As a first step, we recommend customers restart their PCs."

The company is advising that customers unable to get back onto the internet should visit a general networking support page for further advice, although it is not clear how users who have lost their internet connections will be able to reach the page. Virgin Media, a U.K.-based ISP, believes that the problem can be fixed by resetting an affected computer's IP address by issuing typed instructions from a command prompt, adding that it may also be necessary to clear the computer's domain name system (DNS) settings. Neither operations are easy for computer novices to undertake, so some users may be left without a connection until Microsoft issues a downloadable tool to fix the issue.

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