Snapchat Spectacles Used in Operation

Snapchat Spectacles Used in Operation
A surgeon has used Snapchat Spectacles as a teaching aid during an operation.

(CCM) — A hernia operation has been streamed in the U.K. by a teaching surgeon using Snapchat Spectacles, according to a BBC report. Spectacles are $130 sunglasses that have two built-in cameras, designed to allow wearers to upload 30-second video clips that they record to Snapchat via a mobile phone. "We have inequalities in medical education in different countries — I'm looking for ways we can use cutting-edge technology in relatively low-cost gadgets to teach people everywhere," Dr. Shafi Ahmed told the BBC. A colleague pressed the record button for Dr. Ahmed several times during the operation to capture key parts of the routine procedure, and these were uploaded to Snapchat after a brief delay to provide an opportunity for the footage to be edited in the event that anything unexpected occurred during the operation. "I'm going to do more operations but also clinical skills lessons too, looking at lumps and talking through diagnostics techniques and so on," Dr. Ahmed said.

Dr. Ahmed has previously filmed operations wearing Google Glass, but a particular challenge posed by Spectacles was that they have tinted lenses. For the hernia operation, this proved not to be a significant issue, but he plans to replace the tinted lenses with clear ones now that these are available for Spectacles.

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