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Steep AirPod Replacement Price Revealed

Olivia Long - December 16, 2016 - 06:30 PM
Steep AirPod Replacement Price Revealed
Apple has unveiled the steep price tag attached to its AirPod earphone replacements.

(CCM) — When Apple announced that it would be launching a new generation of earphones — called "AirPods" — that are cordless, one of the biggest criticisms was that the tiny twin devices would be too easy to lose. Well, according to reports by the Wall Street Journal, the company has revealed exactly what a situation like that would cost: $69 to replace a single lost or damaged earphone, for a total price of $138 to replace a pair. Apple has also revealed that it would be charging the same price for a replacement charger case for the earphones. Especially reckless users may, however, find it simpler — and about $20 cheaper — to simply buy a new set (complete with a pair of the earphones and an accompanying charger case) for $159.

Apple made its AirPod earphones available for purchase just in time for the holiday shopping season after a several-month delay. This year, the company revealed that it had done away with the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack in its new iPhone models. Its wireless AirPod earphones are an alternative to headphones that plug in to the new phones' Lightning ports.

Image: © Apple.
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