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Amazon Nails Patent for Flying Warehouse

Olivia Long - December 29, 2016 - 11:12 PM
Amazon Nails Patent for Flying Warehouse
Amazon has secured a patent for a floating warehouse that will use drones to make deliveries.

(CCM) — Amazon isn't only looking to drone delivery as a way to expand its delivery capabilities — now, a flying warehouse is in the cards for the e-commerce giant. The warehouses, equipped with fleets of drones, will be sent to locations that Amazon expects to experience a boom in order requests, like at sporting events where the company would sell food or souvenirs. The biggest advantage of the floating warehouses — or "airborne fulfilment centres" — is that they would enable the company to make deliveries more quickly than ever. It is unclear if the patent, which was originally filed in 2014, will ever be used by Amazon, and the company has yet to respond to a request by the BBC for comment about the patent.

Earlier this month, Amazon completed its first drone delivery in Cambridge, England. It has said that, following this success, it plans to expand the service to larger markets in the future.

Image: © Eric Broder Van Dyke - Shutterstock.com
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