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Amazon Puts Alexa into 4K Smart TVs

Paul Rubens - January 4, 2017 - 07:53 AM
Amazon Puts Alexa into 4K Smart TVs
Users will be able to talk to Amazon's Alexa intelligent assistant using microphones built into TV remotes.

(CCM) — Amazon hopes to ensure the supremacy of its Alexa intelligent assistant by embedding it in 4K televisions. The company has announced a deal with Chinese manufacturer Tongfang to include Alexa in Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element Electronics smart TV sets, and owners will be able to ask the voice assistant to perform actions such as searching channels and managing TV settings through a microphone built in to the TVs' remote controls. The TVs will also include Amazon's Fire TV software, which will allow users to access streaming video services, apps, live broadcasts, and Amazon's own 4K content directly from the televisions.

Amazon offers access to Alexa through its Echo and Dot devices, but it is facing competition in the intelligent assistant market from Google's Assistant and the recently announced Lenovo Smart Assistant. Apple and Microsoft are also expected to offer products based on their Siri and Cortana intelligent assistants in the near future. By offering Alexa and Fire TV software in TV sets, Amazon will be able to boost Alexa's presence in homes and offer new ways for users to access Amazon services, such as its recently launched Music Unlimited. The new TVs featuring Alexa will be available later this year.

Image: © Amazon.
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