Note8 To Offer Bixby and Enhanced VR

Note8 To Offer Bixby and Enhanced VR
Samsung's Note7 successor will include its Bixby intelligent assistant and improved virtual reality capabilities.

(CCM) — Samsung has confirmed that it has no plans to dump its Galaxy Note brand following the Galaxy Note7 debacle and intends to release a Galaxy Note8 device later this year, according to a BusinessKorea report. A source from a partner company said: "Samsung will introduce 2K resolution displays in the Galaxy S8, but it will use 4K resolution displays in the Galaxy Note8 to realize improved virtual reality (VR) functions. I heard that it will connect with new Gear VR wearable." The Galaxy Note8 will also feature Samsung's intelligent assistant, provisionally called "Bixby," using technology that the company acquired when it purchased Viv Labs in October 2016. Samsung is also planning to upgrade the security of the iris authentication system, which was included in the Galaxy Note7, according to the report.

The Galaxy Note7 was a popular product before reports of the device exploding and catching fire led to Samsung abandoning it. It is not yet clear precisely what caused the problems, but Samsung will release the results of an investigation carried out by U.S.-based safety organization UL later this month, according to BusinessKorea. It adds that the root cause of the explosions is rumored to be more complex than a simple battery problem, possibly indicating a flaw in the fundamental electronic hardware design.

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