Russia Deletes Linkedin From App Stores

Russia Deletes Linkedin From App Stores
A Russian court ordered Apple and Google to block LinkedIn from respective application stores.

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(CCM) — Apple and Google have accepted the Russian government's request to remove the LinkedIn app from iOS and Android stores. A Russian court accused LinkedIn of flouting local laws that require companies to store data within the national borders, a policy that is being viewed as an aggressive surveillance measure. The Microsoft-owned company is now the largest victim of the law in Russia. The LinkedIn website has already been blocked in the country since November. However, it was available to recruiters and other users through VPN access. Now, after the government's order, Google and Apple have agreed to delete the LinkedIn app from their respective stores in Russia.

According to a report, Apple has confirmed that it received a government request to remove the LinkedIn app in Russia about a month ago. "However, Google has not confirmed if it had removed LinkedIn in Russia but said that it adhered to Russian local laws," the report added. Reacting to the incident, LinkedIn expressed disappointment with the decision by Russian regulators. "It denies access to our members in Russia and the companies that use LinkedIn to grow their businesses," said Nicole Leverich, a spokeswoman for LinkedIn. The move may inflame tensions between Russia and the US. Last week, Apple also removed the New York Times application from its Chinese app store after a request from authorities for having allegedly violated local regulations.

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