Tesla Bites into Apple's Talent Pool

Tesla Bites into Apple's Talent Pool
Tesla has recruited one of Apple's top software development experts to head up its autonomous driving project.

(CCM) — Tesla has headhunted one of Apple's top software experts to lead the electric car-maker's Autopilot self-driving system, the company has announced in a blog post. Chris Lattner has worked at Apple for more than ten years and was the software engineer primarily responsible for creating Swift, the programming language for building apps on Apple platforms and one of the fastest growing languages for doing so on Linux. At Tesla, he will take on the role of Vice President of Autopilot Software.

Tesla's Autopilot hardware and software system currently allows cars to drive themselves in some situations but still requires drivers to keep their hands on their steering wheels and pay close attention to the road. Lattner's job at Tesla will be to accelerate its development into a fully autonomous driving system that will allow Tesla owners to work, watch movies, or even sleep while the vehicle drives them to their destination. Federal safety investigators in the U.S. are currently involved in a probe to determine whether Autopilot played a role in a fatal crash in Florida last year. Autopilot has also been credited with saving lawyer Joshua Neally's life by helping him to drive safely to a hospital after he had suffered a pulmonary embolism.

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