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Nintendo Switch Launch Date Announced

Nintendo Switch Launch Date Announced
Nintendo has set a launch date for its new console, but the high price has shocked many observers.

(CCM) — Nintendo has finally set a launch date of Mar. 3 for the Nintendo Switch game console, its latest stab at the console market after the disappointing Wii U. The Switch will be priced at $299, the company has announced, making it Nintendo's most expensive console ever. The price is also more than many analysts were expecting, leading to a fall in Nintendo's share price as the details emerged.

Previously known as the NX, the Switch is a handheld game device that slots into a docking station that connects to a television when used in the home. The system's controllers have motion sensors similar to a Wii Remote, and the screen is touch sensitive, like an iPad. Switch games are supplied in small cartridges, or "carts," and back in October, Nintendo said that about 80 games were being developed for the console, including a new Super Mario game called Super Mario Odyssey. The console will be equipped with 32 GB of storage, but this can be increased using a MicroSD card. Nintendo also announced a companion smartphone app that enables users to chat with other players and a gaming network for multi-player gaming, which will be free for a limited introductory period.

Image: © Nintendo.
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