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Snapchat Rolls Out Universal Search

Snapchat Rolls Out Universal Search
Snapchat has introduced a new search bar that lets its users access all of the best content quickly.

(CCM) — On Thursday, Snapchat ushered in a new universal search bar that allows users to find content much more quickly than before. The search bar, which is present on each page of the app, uses keywords to scan for friends, groups, Discover publishers, and Our Stories within the app. The update also includes the addition of "Quick Chat," which gives users the option to send a message to a contact directly from the search interface. They can also tap their own Bitmojis to head to their profiles or the icons of their contacts to view their profiles. Additionally, Snapchat has included a Story icon within the results, which let users access their friends' Stories from within the search results. The updates have already been rolled out for some Android users, with the remaining Android and iOS customers expecting to receive them very soon.

One of Snapchat's strongest points is its constant adaptation to its audience's desires. The latest example of this was its November launch of "World Lenses," which superimpose graphics onto real-world situations captured through the app's camera.

Image: © ThomasDeco - Shutterstock.com
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