YouTube Creators Can Charge for Chats

YouTube Creators Can Charge for Chats
YouTube has rolled out 'Super Chat,' a feature that encourages viewers of creator live streams to pay to be noticed.

(CCM) — YouTube has supercharged its approach to monetizing its platform for creators with "Super Chat," a new tool that encourages live stream viewers to cough up the cash. And what would they get in return for their funds? According to a blog post written by YouTube's Product Manager, Barbara Macdonald, generous viewers can expect "a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get even more of [their] favorite creators' attention." These Super Chats will also remain pinned to the top of the stream for up to five hours.

YouTube did not reveal in the blog post how much a Super Chat will cost, but a graphic in the blog post suggests that they will be at least $5. The feature was introduced as a new way for creators to earn money, especially since YouTube has decided to do away with its Fan Funding program. Super Chat beta launched on Thursday for a select group of YouTube creators; the tool will be rolled out more broadly on Jan. 31 for creators in 20 countries and for viewers in more than 40 countries.

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