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Samsung to Reveal Note7 Fire Cause

CCM News - January 16, 2017 - 09:31 AM
Samsung to Reveal Note7 Fire Cause
Samsung will hold a press conference to discuss the reasons behind last year’s infamous Note7 battery explosions.

(CCM) — Samsung Electronics is all set to reveal the results of its extensive investigation into the Galaxy Note7 battery explosion cases. The company will be holding a conference in Korea next week, which will be headed up by Samsung’s president of mobile business, Dongjin Koh. The company has been investigating the Note7 battery issue since October, when it stopped selling the devices after reports of explosions and overheating started flowing in. The investigation was conducted in collaboration with a Korean government-backed research institute and the U.S.-based Underwriters Laboratory.

At a conference held soon after the complaints were publicized, Samsung revealed that the device’s battery was the primary cause of explosions. Even the second batch of the Note7, which was claimed to be safe by Samsung, witnessed a fallout due to the same set of issues. At next week’s conference, the company is planning to respond to safety concerns to assure users that its forthcoming Galaxy S8 will not suffer the same fate as its predecessor.

Image: © Samsung.
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