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HTC 10 Nougat Update on Hold

CCM News - January 16, 2017 - 09:48 AM
HTC 10 Nougat Update on Hold
The HTC 10 Nougat update has been put on hold in Europe due to an unknown bug.

(CCM) — A few months back, HTC began introducing the Android 7.0 Nougat update for its 2016 flagship, the HTC 10. With Nougat onboard, the HTC 10 gets a variety of new features, such as multi-window mode, enhanced battery life, and a revamped notification bar. However, the update was unable to make it to all eligible the devices due to an unknown bug, leaving users across Europe without the Nougat update until the company is able to fix the issue. It has been reported that the alleged bug in the update algorithm is hindering smooth OTA transmission, but HTC has yet to officially reveal any information. According to an HTC watchdog, the update could resume in three weeks.

This event marks the first time that HTC has been unable to fulfil its timely update promise. This year, LG and Motorola managed to roll out the Nougat update before HTC.

Image: © HTC.
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