Microsoft May Launch a Bendable Phone

Microsoft May Launch a Bendable Phone
Following behind Samsung and LG, Microsoft appears to be gearing up to launch a flexible smartphone device this year.

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(CCM) — Microsoft has been granted a patent that appears to show the company planning or working on a flexible display smartphone set to hit the market this year. The information in the patent reveals that Microsoft's foldable device will come with a tablet-like large display that can be folded into a smartphone. When the device is folded, the smartphone-sized screen will allow users to make calls, send texts, and read social media notifications. The device can also be placed in a curved tent-like shape for a better video watching experience.

Microsoft is also working on the development of its Surface Phone, which is now being speculated to come with a foldable screen as well. The company's Surface series is popular for its 2-in-1 category products, and the forthcoming device is already locked in as a high-end premium phone. Microsoft may also launch the Surface phone in three variants, each dependent on storage and processor capacity.

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