Microsoft May Cut 700 Jobs This Month

Microsoft May Cut 700 Jobs This Month
Microsoft may get its global offloading plan started by slashing hundreds of jobs within next few weeks.

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(CCM) — Microsoft has announced a decision to offload over 2,800 employees in next two quarters of 2017. To jumpstart this plan, the company is likely to cut around 700 jobs during its earning calls that are scheduled this week. Most of the roles that may be cut have already been removed from the company profile and cover a range of global offices, departments, and business units, according to reports by Business Insider. Affected departments are expected to include sales, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, and logistics. There are over 113,000 employed on Microsoft’s payroll, and with this round of layoffs, the company is reportedly aiming to update skills across its employee base. In what may be a surprise to many, LinkedIn has listed the tech giant as looking for candidates to fill over 1,600 job openings across various worldwide units.

The company has witnessed several layoffs under the leadership of its CEO Satya Nadella. The company cut over 7,000 jobs during its last finance year, with most of the sacked employees working in its smartphone sector. Microsoft also cut 18,000 jobs in 2014, when the company removed over 12,500 people associated with Nokia handset services.

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