Samsung Galaxy Note8 Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Confirmed
Samsung has announced that it will launch a new Galaxy Note this year and that it will be "safe."

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(CCM) — South Korean tech giant Samsung has declared that it will not kill its Galaxy Note brand because of its exploding Note7 fiasco. In a recent announcement, the company’s chief of mobile business, Dong-jin Koh, said that Samsung will bounce back with a safer, better, and more innovative Note8 smartphone. The smartphone giant will also work on an image building campaign this year to undo the damage done by the Note7 scandal. The company received a lot of negative feedback during the third and fourth quarters of the 2016, also affecting the market value of the company, which dropped by 8%.

While Koh did not reveal any specifications for the forthcoming Galaxy Note8, the public has been brought into the loop about what the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will include. For the highly anticipated device, the company has removed the home button and added a pressure-sensitive, dual-edged display, a dual-camera setup in the back, and a new AI assistant, called Bixby.

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