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Apple Offers Battery Fix for MacBook Pro

Apple Offers Battery Fix for MacBook Pro
An update to MacOS fixes a bug in Safari that resulted in poor MacBook Pro battery life.

(CCM) — While Samsung has had problems with exploding batteries, Apple has quietly been suffering from a battery problem of its own, according to a Business Insider report. Since its launch, the new MacBook Pro has reportedly suffered from extremely poor battery life, resulting in review organization Consumer Reports refusing to recommend the Apple laptop. Anecdotally, the battery could last less than two hours when a user edits video and charges a phone at the same time, according to the report.

But now, Apple has begun rolling out macOS 10.12.3, which fixes a bug in the company's Safari web browser and reportedly solves the battery issue. Following the update, Consumer Reports has awarded the laptop a "recommended" review, according to Business Insider. The update also fixes a graphics bug that caused some MacBook Pros to overheat and to cause display issues. The 10.12.3 update also fixes other issues, including compatibility with PDF documents that are exported with encryption enabled, an issue that prevented the searching of scanned PDF documents in Preview, and a problem where network or cached user accounts, such as Active Directory accounts, using the maxFailedLoginAttempts password policy were becoming disabled.

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