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WhatsApp Now Has Offline Messaging

Paul Rubens - January 25, 2017 - 11:23 AM
WhatsApp Now Has Offline Messaging
The latest update to WhatsApp for iOS introduces offline message queuing and a higher media sharing limit.

(CCM) — WhatsApp has beefed up its iPhone app, providing a new feature that allows people to use the app even when they have no mobile data or WiFi connection, according to a Tech Times report. Previously, the app could not be used without internet connectivity, but with version 2.17.1 of WhatsApp, users can queue messages by first composing them, adding photos or videos, and then pressing the send button. The messages will then be sent as soon as the mobile device regains internet connectivity. Offline queuing has been available on the Android version of WhatsApp since the middle of last year.

The new update also smashes the media sharing limit for the app, meaning that users can now send up to 30 photos or videos in a single message. Previously, users were restricted to just ten photos or videos. This new sharing limit has been tested in the Android version of WhatsApp but is not yet generally available, meaning that this is a feature that iPhone users are getting before it makes its way onto the Android platform. The new iOS version of WhatsApp has also received a redesigned Storage Usage screen, which allows users to see which conversation or group chat is consuming the most storage space and to delete the content of conversations to free up storage space.

Image: © bilciu - Shutterstock.com
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