Apple Promises 'Find My AirPods'

Apple Promises 'Find My AirPods'
A future iOS update will add a feature to the Find My iPhone app which can help users find lost AirPods.

(CCM) — Apple hopes to ease AirPod owners' worries that their expensive Bluetooth earbuds could easily be lost by introducing an app feature that helps to find them, according to a report in Forbes. Starting in iOS 10.3, which is expected to be released in the very near future, a "Find My AirPods" feature will be integrated into the Find My iPhone app.

The new feature will work in two ways. The simplest way to locate lost AirPods will be to use the app to attempt to make the AirPods emit a pinging sound. This will only work if they are within the relatively short range offered by a Bluetooth connection and if they still have power. Additionally, the sound may not be audible if the AirPods are deep within a bag or coat pocket. The more sophisticated way uses a map within the app to display the last place that the AirPods were detected by any of the owner's Apple devices to which they had previously been connected. For example, that means that it will be possible to find the approximate location that AirPods might have slipped out of the owner's pocket during a hike — even many hours after they run out of power. Apple already offers to replace a single lost AirPod for a flat fee of $69.

Image: © Apple.