Microsoft Battles Hackers with Billions

Microsoft Battles Hackers with Billions
Microsoft is to devote vast sums of money every year on security research to counter cyber security threats.

(CCM) — Microsoft has announced that it plans to spend over $1 billion every year on security research as part of a plan to build up a formidable arsenal of weapons to fight off hackers, according to a Reuters report. The announcement comes after Microsoft data found that hacker attacks are proliferating exponentially. Two or three years ago, there were typically about 20,000 attacks per week, but this has now escalated to a staggering 600,000 – 700,000 per week. This $1 billion figure does not include any money Microsoft may spend on acquisitions in the security sector, a Microsoft spokesman added.

Over the past two years Microsoft has acquired three cyber security firms, all based in Israel: enterprise security startup Aorato, cloud security firm Adallom, and Secure Islands, a company whose data and file protection systems have been integrated into Microsoft's Azure Information Protection cloud service, according to the report. Microsoft's venture arm has also invested in three Israeli security outfits, including Illusive Networks, a company whose "deception technology" is used by banks and large retailers to detect attacks. Israel is a country that specializes in developing security technology and is estimated to have at least 400 security startups.

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