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Facebook Hardware Login Ups Security

Olivia Long - January 26, 2017 - 07:57 PM
Facebook Hardware Login Ups Security
Facebook has introduced physical security key login for increased user safety.

(CCM) — In line with privacy expert recommendations, Facebook already supports two-factor password authentication. But now, it is taking user security even more seriously with its rollout of a new type of two-factor authentication that depends on physical login keys in addition to traditional password use. According to reports by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is slated to support two form of physical dongle: USB security keys that slide into a user's laptop and touch to activate and NFC security keys that communicate directly with chips in some Android smartphones. To help users make the transition, Facebook has posted a guide outlining the type of security keys that are compatible with the feature.

Facebook appears to be constantly in a battle to make its platform more secure. Last year, the company made headlines when reports surfaced that it purchased compromised passwords from hackers on forums and others parts of the internet's black market. Doing so has enabled the social network to warn its members when their passwords are likely to have been stolen.

Image: © Julius Kielaitis - Shutterstock.com
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