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iPhone 6S Knocked Off Top Spot in China

iPhone 6S Knocked Off Top Spot in China
Local Chinese vendor OPPO has replaced Apple as the company with the best-selling smartphone in China.

(CCM) — Apple's iPhone 6S has been knocked off the top spot as the best-selling smartphone in China, according to a report in Tech Times. The company has dominated the Chinese market with one of its smartphones since 2012, and in 2016 the company sold 12 million iPhone 6s devices or about 2% of all the smartphones sold in China. But the tide seems to be turning against Apple as consumers look for high quality, lower-cost devices that are made by local companies. The number one spot in 2016 was taken by the OPPO R9, the flagship smartphone from Chinese manufacturer OPPO Electronics. (OPPO is also connected to the OnePlus phone brand.) The OPPO R9 sold almost 17 million units last year according to Tech Times, accounting for about 4% of the Chinese smartphone market.

The news comes against a bleak outlook in China for Apple and arch-rival Samsung. Last year, Apple's growth rate slowed by 21% compared to the previous year, while Samsung reported a 5% decline. By contrast, OPPO and many other Chinese brands are showing strong and accelerating growth rates. Last year, OPPO grew by 109%, with Vivo a close second with 78% growth. These were followed by Gionee, Huawei, and Meizu all with growth rates of about 20%.

Image: © AttilaFodemesi - Shutterstock.com
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